Illustrated Alphabet

I've just finished creating an illustrated alphabet, something I've always wanted to do. I had so much fun creating the drawings. I wanted it to be whimsical, being appropriate for children and appealing to adults. Also, I didn't want to use the typical "A" is for apple, "D" is for dog images. My only homage to such an alphabet is the cat I used for "C".

"X" was the hardest to decide on an image for and I was determined not to draw a xylophone. Happily, I discovered that cactus is a xerophyte in the botanical world. It's a plant which grows in dry places and can live on little water. Who knew?? So, here's my whimsical alphabet for you to enjoy. Prints (two sizes), individual letter prints and note cards are available at my Etsy Shop. Twenty-three of the original drawings are available. 

Review Video of Sketching 365 Book

I love the way this review video has been made "thumbing through" Katherine's new book with my drawing in it! It's been wonderful to see my drawings published in books and there's still the same thrill each time I see one. You can see my drawing "Shadow Palms" about the 1:04 minute mark. Click here to see the video.

Another New Book with My Drawing in It

New Book: Sketching 365 is a book about building your confidence with a tip a day for drawing and sketching by UK artist and writer Katherine Tyrrell. It’s available in three versions: UK, USA and Asian. Each version has a different cover, a different title and a different publisher, but everything inside is exactly the same. My drawing “Shadow Palms” is included in the book and is one of the images featured on the back cover of the UK version, above. The USA version is available in book stores now titled 365 Days of Drawing and Sketching. The UK version can be purchased on Amazon UK. Read more about the book, its author and all the artists included at Making A MarkI can't wait for my copy to arrive. Thank you Katherine for including me in this wonderful book!

Empty Easel Revisited

Thanks so much to for revisiting my art in their Holiday Update. They decided to publish short “where are they now” posts every day during the holidays and I'm one of the artists they've included. You can read about it here: Holiday Update Melissa B. Tubbs

Strokes of Genius 6 Now in Bookstores

Received my copy of Strokes of Genius 6: The Best of Drawing Values/Lights & Darks. What a nice surprise to see that they used my drawing "Willow Mount" as a full page! "I hope the wonderful collection of art here in Strokes of Genius 6 stirs you toward fulfilling your creative dreams." —Rachel Rubin Wolf, editor. This is a wonderful series of books about drawing. It's in stores now or you can go to amazon

New Item in Etsy Shop--Gift Tags

I've just put a new item in my etsy shop. Gift tags that turned out just the way I'd hoped. I used an original drawing of an angel with a dove on his shoulder and printed them in a dark teal color. I've used that teal as an accent color on my new website and really like the way it looks with black. I wanted to keep the cards simple so I decided to use the one color to make them a bit more festive for use on gifts. Please take a look and learn more about them!

Art Galleries and Artists of the South

Thanks to Art Galleries and Artists of the South for including me in their "Of Interest" section in their latest issue (Vol.11 No.2). They've done a fantastic job. They really do a great job keeping us up-to-date on art created in the South.